Frequently asked questions

What is your response to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

I take every precaution possible to protect against the virus. My aerial work doesn't usually require close contact with people, so maintaining social distancing is not a challenge. I carry sanitiser with me at all times and wear a face mask in busier areas. I work remotely when video editing and all client contact will be done digitally. If you have any special requests for extra precautions please let me know and I'll do whatever I can to assist you.

Will you definitely be able to film what I want?

Most of the time the answer is yes. However, to fly legally and safely, there are rules that I must adhere to for everyone's safety. If something doesn't seem possible, I will always do my best to come up with a solution. Your best bet is for us to have a chat and work out what is doable.

Can you film in any weather?

Weather is a key factor when deciding whether or not to go ahead with a drone shoot. Safety is always my top priority and I use multiple, industry-standard sources to monitor the conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes a shoot must be postponed until the weather allows. I will of course keep you informed if I think the shoot might need to be delayed and will usually make a call 48-72 hours before. There will be no extra costs if we must reschedule for suitable conditions.

Can you fly your drone indoors?

I am licensed to film indoors, however, there are rules that must be followed. Of course, big open spaces are preferable but please let me know your specific requirements and I'll see what I can do.

What is the editing process?

This is the process of taking the footage and editing it into a final, polished film. This will vary on a project by project basis but the usual format is as follows: Once I have the footage, I will back it up in case of hardware failure. I will then organsie all the footage and label it appropriately. Next I will choose the 'selects' or the best shots/footage. Then I will get into the assembly of your film, putting everything in an order that will make it engaging and effectively putting together a rough cut. It's at this point that we will have a review - I'll send you the rough cut and you'll let me know if everything is going in the right direction or if you would like some changes. Once I have my feedback I will go about finessing the edit, adding music, any effects and a colour grade amongst other things. I will then send you the edit for final amends (if there are any). I will make final tweaks if needed and then send you the final finished film in any formats you wish.

How long will the edit take?

This of course depends on the scale and complexity of the project. I will always strive for a quick turnaround and will let you know once I have spoken to you about your requirements.

What information do you need from me for a drone shoot?

The most important thing I'll need is the exact address of the site. This allows me to assess the site (digitally) and be able to establish what precautions need to be taken for the shoot to go ahead safely. The other things that I'll need are preferred shoot dates, what your requirements are for the end product and if you have a strict deadline. It is always much easier to talk through your shoot and the options over the phone once I have completed an initial assessment of the site digitally. So if you just want to give me the top line in your first message and then we can talk through the specifics.

What is your company information?

We are currently listed on Companies House as TJB Films Productions Ltd. Our company number is: 12653667. Please email me at if you need any more information.

Are you a fully qualified drone pilot?

Yes. I am CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved and have a valid PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations).

Are you insured for drone flights?

Yes. Each and every flight is covered along with public liability insurance.