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Fully licenced & Insured

I am a CAA approved SUA/SUSA operator (PfCO) and fully insured.


Aerial photography and videography is quite simply a way to wow people. Whether you're a business looking to increase footfall or a couple planning your perfect wedding day.


Drone shots give a unique perspective that help you stand out from the crowd, not to mention being an excellent economical choice compared to hiring a full film crew. 

I provide high quality imagery and can tailor my services to suit whatever needs you have. Whether you want stunning aerial shots of your property, a promotional video for your venue, a unique look for your special day, a qualified pilot on set, or you just want your roof inspected, I can help. If you need a drone operator for anything else, please let me know.

As an experienced video editor, I can take your footage to the next level with colour grading and effects, music and sound effects and motion graphics. However, if you’d prefer, I can also provide you with the raw imagery
and footage.

So if you want a video that will be visually stunning, will set you apart from others and will get you noticed , get in touch today and let's make something special.

CAA approved commercial SUA / SUSA pilot (PfCO)


Full UHD 4K footage and high quality RAW still imagery.

Can legally film in 'congested areas'. 

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